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  • Wagner at the Proms


    What a week! I've long been a big fan of Wagner's work and this year marks the bicentenial of his birth, which has given me a fantastic opportunity to get stuck into some music. Most notably, the proms has been offering a veritable banquet of Wagner. It's rare for quality productions of Wagner's later work to be performed in full because of their length and difficulty. It's rarer still for the two most extreme such works to be performed in a single week by an all-star cast with the low barrier to entry (and cost!) offerred by the Proms.

  • Meter Delta - Dynamic Time Signature Improvisation


    Meter Delta is a tool to help musicians improvise together in dynamic time signatures, chosen at random by the computer. Meter Delta itself is just a library to take care of the timings and time signature selection but I also provide a default UI that you can use directly, or as inspiration for your own project.