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  • Game of Thrones Season 7, the chink in the amour


    Here’s an analysis of the latest episode of Game of Thrones. It should go without saying that this is riddled with spoilers. If you aren’t up to date (Season 8, Episode 5) then please hold off reading this until you have caught up.

  • Computers and time


    Time is fairly complex subject but we are used to taking it for granted. One reason for that is that these days computers keep track of time for us so we rarely need to think about it. The way that they do this is very interesting and taking a look at how computers understand time can teach us a lot about what time is to us. What's more, in our look into the world of computer time, we'll uncover an impending disaster that is to the Y2K problem as Krakatoa is to the gentle rumblings of your stomach on a hungover morning.

  • Amazon & WikiLeaks - The Real Problem


    I’m sure you have all heard about Amazon’s decision to stop hosting the WikiLeaks website and given my interests (and career!) in web technologies this is something I’ve been giving a lot of thought to over the past few days. My opinions have changed while I’ve been thinking about it so I’m going to tell the story of my reasoning as a backdrop to what I have (for now) concluded is the real underlying issue. This isn’t about WikiLeaks and it isn’t about Amazon but given the ongoing WikiLeaks debacle and Amazon’s enviable position in online retail and web services, these organisations and the relationship between them makes for a great case study in the deeper issue of the role of technology in our lives today.