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  • A new website


    It's been a very long time coming but luckily @grumpyjames put together a fantastic blog and showed it to me, which was incentive enough for me to get my own off the ground. It has been pointed out to me that there's no point writing one's own blogging platform when it's so easy to just use one of the almost infinite number of existing solutions. Good advice, that I have chosen to ignore. I finally have a new website.

  • Hello, world!


    So I've been talking about "updating my site" for years. It's one of those things that always needs doing but because it's my own site I've set my expectations pretty high. Many times, I've begun coding an update and many times I've then "found something better" and decided I should do it that way instead. I've hacked away at PHP (as well as written an entire PHP MVC framework), dabbled in node.js, toyed with django (which I'm using at work these days) but not yet got it done.