It's been a very long time coming but luckily @grumpyjames put together a fantastic blog and showed it to me, which was incentive enough for me to get my own off the ground. It has been pointed out to me that there's no point writing one's own blogging platform when it's so easy to just use one of the almost infinite number of existing solutions. Good advice, that I have chosen to ignore. I finally have a new website.


This is actually the 3rd re-write of my website, but it's the first I've actually got around to releasing. This time, I've made use of (among other things) Scala with the Play Framework, Twitter Bootstrap with the Cosmo Bootstrap theme, LESS and Pegdown. Who wants to write everything from scratch? I've dabbled with Play before a little at work but this is my first proper project using it. I'll save the full details of my experiences for another post but it's been a lot of fun.

I've thrown the site together in a week of evenings and it currently boasts minimal functionality as a result. The key was just to get something up where I could write again since the demise of posterous early this year.

I've a number of half-finished blog posts that I'll be able to publish here and I still might import the very old posts from the ancient version of this website so check back soon. If I haven't written anything in a while feel free to bother me on Twitter.

p.s. I don't have comments yet and to be honest I'm ill-inclined to add them as a feature given that the chances of anyone actally wanting to comment are pretty much Nil. So let's take the conversation elsewhere - send me a tweet or something.