So I've been talking about "updating my site" for years. It's one of those things that always needs doing but because it's my own site I've set my expectations pretty high. Many times, I've begun coding an update and many times I've then "found something better" and decided I should do it that way instead. I've hacked away at PHP (as well as written an entire PHP MVC framework), dabbled in node.js, toyed with django (which I'm using at work these days) but not yet got it done.

One of the main reasons for updating the site, is to get it to the point where I can update the blog very easily. I often find things I'd like to talk about and I always know that if it were easy enough I would probably bother. What could be easier than blogging by sending an email? For that reason, I've created a Posterous account to hold my blog. If you fancy seeing it, you'll find it (Note: actually no you won't, since it closed in early 2013) at (although presumably you've found it already given that you are reading it now). I'll use the API to pull articles into my site when I do finally re-create it but until then, this can be my place.

So what can you expect to see here? Well I'm developer, so you can expect a healthy(?) dose of geekery. I'm a mathematician so you can hope to see interesting maths puzzles and a general air of smugness. I'm also a musician so I may talk about music that's caught my ear, or anything I create myself. But above all, this is just my little soapbox in my own corner of the Internet.

Welcome to my blog, have fun!