My colleague @lindsey_dew and I have written a series of blogs on Coursera's Functional Programming Principles in Scala course for the Guardian's dev blog.

We start off by introducing our first impressions of the course and sharing some experiences on the best way to get set up to do the course for developers that prefer to use IntelliJ rather than Eclipse (which is a) the IDE that is officially supported by the course and b) much less good then IntelliJ).

We then give another update a few weeks later after the course has started ramping up and a final assessment at the climax of the course. The Scala website has also put up a post revealing some of the statics for the course, which appears to have been a resounding success.

Looking back having now completed the course it was a fantastic resource and if it gets repeasted I'd strongly recommend it to anyone with an interest in programming, particularly those who would like to learn more about Scala or functional programming generally.

I particularly enjoyed some of the more abstract mathsy elements to the course and still look back fondly on a small assignment in one of the videos that entailed coding the abstract concept of 'counting' from first principles (in particular, without using numbers or the language's number primitives)

Enjoy the articles.